Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pulp Alley League - Mad Science

This is the first Pulp Alley League I worked on: Dr Veruckthaar (terrible German for crazy hair) and his minions.

I painted up most of these while I was waiting for my first order of proper pulp miniatures to arrive.
  • The rats are from Warhammer Quest. 
  • The robot is a Reaper Iron Golem. 
  • The mad scientist is a heroclix figure with a Warhammer flagellant head and a raygun made from the rangefinder of an old Airfix  1/72 field gun. 
  • The hunch back is from Pulp Figures.
Image scammed from the net

Here are their stat cards.


  1. Brilliant! I saw the Iron Golem in a Pulp Alley AAR a while back and had to get I just need to get him painted up! Anyway, look forward to seeing your Leagues in action!

  2. You got it - nice! It's a great figure, isn't it? Keen to see what you come up with for your paint job. I think I tried a couple of things before going with grey and grey!

    Now is there any way I can comment on your blog without signing up to Google Plus? I was going to say I liked the look of the new Lucid Eye range, but Google stymied me.

  3. as I yet wrote in the LAF forum: Well done :D

  4. Robots 'n Rats!
    What a great themed League.

    1. Thanks. They are a lot of fun to play with too. The rats are the expendable meat shields, and the robot is an intimidating opponent.