Friday, December 30, 2016

Peregrine - 150

The work focuses down even more. Still all in the cockpit, and a large slab of it just on seats!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Peregrine - 100

One hundred bits. The next fifty were all in the cockpit.
The detail is fantastic. Window frames, banks of switches. All a bit fiddly to do, but I'm loving it.

Vogue One - a Pulp Alley Game

Disclaimer: the characters and events in this game are fictitious. Any resemblance to other fictitious characters or events is purely coincidental.

Rebel forces have discovered that the Empire has created a new weapon (codename NEW CODEX ) designed to crush all opposition. If they can locate a copy of NEW CODEX and send it back to base, their armies will be prepared for the Empire's onslaught.
A few plucky rebels have volunteered to infiltrate the Empire's data repository, locate the blueprint and send it back. They have commandeered a transport ship bringing in new uniform samples: the Vogue One.
The rebels disembark from Vogue One.
The Imperial troopers.
Objectives: access NEW CODEX either in print form, or via digital download.
Transmit NEW CODEX back to the rebel base.
The rebel mystic, a traditionalist fan of a paper CODEX, heads off to investigate.
The rebel lord is a cutting age digital man himself.
Imperial troopers scramble to intercept the intruders.
These troopers can shoot straight!
Not the ideal attack formation to deploy against a flamethrower!
Predictable results!
Rebel reinforcements.
Cue the sound of thunderous stomping and a metallic head appearing through the smoke of the fight.
The imperial walker stomps closer, but the rebel mystic scans the final pages and hits the send button.
A resounding victory for the rebels! A bit of an anti-climax really, as the walker would have made things very interesting. Maybe we should have reshot some of those scenes...

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Peregrine - 50

I'm on holidays at the moment, so I had the chance to get stuck into the Y2K Peregrine: here's the first wip photos.

Because I'm a bit weird, I thought I'd post some progress shots each time I put together fifty parts. Yes it's strange, it's a bit obsessive, but you're talking to someone who just bought a thousand piece kit! So, here it is at fifty. Photos are a little rushed and blurry, sorry.

At the moment, it's a floor with the rear engine compartments and front and back hatches.
Front cargo hatch.
Rear hatch.
You can see how long it is.
A good chunk of the first fifty parts were these little pads for the doors! The'd all be moulded on in a plastic kit, but where's the fun in that?

Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Toy - Y2K Peregrine

It's been a while since I've posted anything that isn't a game report. Lack of time, lack of motivation. But thinking about the inspiration and encouragement I get from seeing what other people are working on, maybe I should have a go again. And here's something people might be interested in seeing.

For a while now, I've been keeping tabs on the design process for Miniature Scenery's not Millenium Falcon. Well, it was released last week and even though it cost silly money I took the plunge.
It's completely over the top with all the interior detail (even a unisex toilet!) But that's the kind of thing I love, so I figure this will be a labour of love.
There's plenty to it - six mdf sheets and six cardboard sheets: over one thousand pieces!
I'll try to post semi-regular updates with how it's going.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Swamp Things - a Pulp Alley Game

A quest to prevent an ancient evil from another realm. From the sand to the swamp. We come in search of a mystical door to take us to the portal where another dimension threatens to irrupt into ours. 

Rhys put together all the terrain and monsters: a fantastic looking table.
Strange figures stand as guardians at the outskirts of the swamp.
Hideous grubs surround the crate.
Something lurks in the water.
Adventures and scientists question the swamp guardians. Apparently, their advice was not entirely reliable. Fishy even!
The leagues head into the swamp. After the 'friction' of the last game, we managed to keep the peace with each other (largely because Rhys kept throwing all manner of inventive evils at us). The first of which were the blue 'tentacle plants'. Anyone with range of the tentacles had to pass a random peril or be grabbed by the plant.
The tramp steamer's sidekicks skirt the swamp and attempt to decipher the strange seal (minor plot point).
The other leagues decide that 'through' is much simpler than 'around'.
They then decide that 'around' is much wiser than 'through'.
This was the big reveal! A hideous fish-monster that dwarfed even the robot.
And even more trouble!
Hideous critters everywhere!
The robot goes down.
The bosun closes in on a major plot point. He had to make it through the quicksand (random peril), then resist the mesmerising shimmer of the purple plant in front of him (random challenge) before he could even attempt the plot point.
But that's what heroes are made for, and the bosun tiptoes through the quicksand, averts his eyes from the plant and grabs the seal.

As he does so, a portal appears on the table.
From there, the game becomes a mad scramble as players try to get their characters through the portal before they get chomped by the fish monster!
I got three of my tramp steamer crew through, Mark got three of his mad science league,and Andrew managed to slip five of his adventurers through!

What awaits us through the portal? Tune in next time...