Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sci Fi Terrain Tile Tutorial

Great terrain starts at the ground floor. With that in mind, I thought I'd make some terrain tiles for my sci fi guys. They turned out all right, so I thought  I'd share the method.
I need to acknowledge that the concept isn't mine - I pinched it from Tiny Solitary Soldiers, so head over and check out what he's done.

The base material is cork tile.
All the paint is sampler pots from the hardware shop, mixed to match Vallejo colours. The tile starts with Vallejo Dark Grey (994). Once that dries, add blotches of German Cam Black Brown (822).
A good dry brushing with Neutral Grey (992).
Then a patchy drybrushing of Medium Grey (987). After that, pencil in the grid of tiles, then with a steady hand, paint them black.
Add some cracks.
Edge all your black lines with white - just on one side. And there you have it: a battle ground worth fighting over.


  1. How do you find these cork tiles for warping?

    1. A bit of warping when I base coated it, but I sat the tile on a tin of paint and it was heavy and flexible enough to flatten out. Thinner cork (5mm rather than this 6mm) might be more of a problem.

  2. Too simple! and the effect is superb...well done. Followed!

  3. Thanks. All Spacejacker's idea, but it does turn out really well.

  4. Superb.

    Thank you for the tutorial.


  5. Nice! I also thank you for the tip about warping. Really this is to be considered :)

  6. Yes, it's definitely something to think about. I actually tried this design for the tiles because I'd done something different in the past, but they warped and looked terrible.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Glen. I'm certainly happy with the way they have turned out.