Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sinastras IV - Forty-nine Years On

It's a long time since our heroes escaped the Chaos rebellion on Sinastras IV. In the intervening years, the hive city has been painstakingly rebuilt after its 'cleansing' by Lamenter marines.

Our three heroes have left Sinastras IV behind gone on to glittering military careers.

Trooper Burns has climbed to the rank of Commissar. With his band of veterans and enforcers, Burns ensures that the soldiers of the Imperial Guard do not falter in their will to fight.
Farov Payne leads a long range reconnaissance team of his fellow Lamenter scouts.
Romulus Decima operates alongside the Imperial Guard, conducting missions that focus on rogue technologies.


  1. Your paintwork is just wonderful. Those Lamenters are the business.

    1. Thanks Conrad! The Lamenters were definitely a learning experience with all the yellow. They were pretty time consuming. However, I figure you only paint them once, but you play with them for a lifetime, so it's worth investing the time (especially at skirmish level, where it's only 6-8 figures a side).