Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fiftieth Figure for Pulp 40k

Last week I painted my fiftieth figure for my Pulp Alley 40k project. Now I know some of you would paint that many figures before you fall out of bed in the morning but I'm slow, so this feels like an achievement!
And here he is, number fifty.
Who is he? A merchant, a nobleman, a gang leader? That's what I like about the figure: wonderfully versatile. At least for the moment, he's Murflew Sleng, patriarch of House Sleng traders: buying and selling questionable goods, no questions asked.
Sleng is an unmodified Reaper figure: Warlord Kang from their Savage Worlds line. I reckon he fits into the 40k universe fine without modifications.

Here he is, negotiating to purchase some merchandise that fell off the back of a low orbit shuttle.


  1. Hmmm, nice, I didn't know of that mini... Interesting... ;)

  2. He is a nice one. There are quite a few Reaper minis that look really suited to the 40k universe. I just got an order of some earlier this week (although I've had this guy kicking around for ages).

  3. Great mini, I am off to the Reaper online store to stea.... ehm ...
    borrow your idea.

    1. Stea... ehm... borrow away! I really enjoy seeing different takes on the same figure, so look forward to seeing what you come up with.