Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nasty, Brutish and Short - a Pulp Alley Walkover

Some days the dice are against you. This was one of those days..for Andrew, not me!

Previously, Romulus Decima, the Mechanicus operative, has successfully downloaded records of signal traffic from a Necron communications beacon. Now he must get back to the local Imperial Guard outpost to analyse the data.

Decima starts in the top left corner. He has to make it off the bottom right of the table. Looks like someone else may have other ideas!
Decima and his crew move forward. (Red and blue things are plot points.)
Contact! The necron warriors trade shots with the mechanicus forces.
And this is where it all fell to pieces for poor Romulus! The Necrons pushed up into close combat on both flanks of the Mechanicus position.
The Necrons rolled their hits, the Mechanicus didn't. The Necrons rolled their saves, the Mechanicus didn't. It was effectively all over by turn four. The Mechanicus had one character left, the Necrons had lost one! It was all so quick I didn't get any photos.

A very rare one-sided Pulp Alley game, but a good day to be the villains! (Thanks to Andrew for letting me use his Necrons to crush my Mechanicus figures!)



  1. Good stuff as always! I should really copy what you've done with your trees and put mine on plates too; would fix that awful falling over issue we constantly have.

    *great use of the old 'Clue: The Great Museum Caper' cameras for plot points, I absolutely loved that game!*

    1. I can't take any credit for the trees: one of the guys at our club has done them. It's a great idea though: when I do trees, I'll definitely copy the bases.

      I found the cameras in a copy of the game that was chucked out on the footpath. I grabbed these because I thought they'd be useful for something. I really need to give them a coat of paint, but they are perfect for sci fi MacGuffins!

  2. I must feel great when well planned tactics and superior strategy wins the day.
    Remember - it's only when you loose that the dice are involved.
    Cheers ;-)

    1. Ha ha! Yes, of course! Tactical mastery all the way!