Monday, May 16, 2016

Cornered - a Pulp Alley Game

The Sinastras IV campaign has been bubbling away, but it's been a little while since I've posted an update. Here's the first of three games to catch upon. I was jumping between two games grabbing photos, so this one is rather sketchy and brief. I've posted about it for completeness' sake!

In the last game, Farov Payne and his fighting patrol were eluded by the commander of the Tau detachment. Pulling together his battered men, Payne follows the Tau commander. His destination is a small landing platform: clearly, he is waiting for extraction. Payne quickly organises his men to swoop in. But even as they close, a pulse round slaps into ground beside them. Tau back up has arrived!

Opening dispositions.
The commander decides to get amongst it: at least he can't be shot at now!
Scout fire has seriously weakened the Tau relief force.
More shots traded.
End game: the Tau leader is still on his feet as a Devilfish sweeps in. The scouts melt away into the desert, frustrated again!


  1. That ethereal caste guy NEEDS TO GO DOWN!
    Great report

    1. Yes, he does! Two games and he's been invincible in both. He's just a passing protagonist for this campaign, but maybe he'll be back in the future...