Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Briscon - Pulp Alley Day 2

Back to Briscon for more Pulp Alley. For day two, I revisited this scenario.

Why invest vast amounts of time and energy digging up a priceless archaeological treasure when you can let someone else do all the hard work and then steal it? The famed golden chest of Cheops has been unearthed and sold to Sir Clifford Carne, the famed collector. Even now, Sir Clifford is lugging the chest to his car, ready to whisk it to the dock and then back home to his collection. But you have other ideas...Capture the chest!

The mad scientist and the cultists were out to grab the chest of Cheops for themselves. The tramp steamer crew were on their way to rescue Sir Clifford and bring him to safety.

The cultists enter from the left, the scientist from the right, and the tramp steamer crew from the bottom. Sir Clifford is (just) visible top centre.
Raised voices in the marketplace: two men arguing over something...
"That dice was cocked! No way it was a six!"
Meanwhile, Sir Clifford surveys his run to freedom and fortune.
His reverie is quickly broken by a shattering roar and a flash of flames as Dr Veruckthaar arrives via experimental jetpack.
At the same time, the leagues work their way to the centre of the town.
Bad luck for the cultists as they encounter the black cat...
...and then a burst of tommy gun fire from the sailors.
Heavy traffic in the centre. Note the elusive Sir Clifford, steaming blithely into No Mans Land.
The cultists get some of their own back on the sailors.
The sailor wishes he had stayed down!
A three way tussle for a minor plot point.
This scenario ended up being a walk over for the mad scientist. He grabbed Sir Clifford, then played a No Drop card, meaning no one could grab Sir Clifford from him. That made it three wins from three appearances for the mad scientists for the weekend. (They did go on to drop their last game, though!)


  1. I love your Pulp Alley reports...lovely set-up as always!

    1. Thanks Gordon. Buildings work wonders for an interesting and attractive table I reckon. Bill.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Joakim, although I wish I had the patience to record all the juicy details you jam into your reports!

  3. As always, great stuff! Made the batrep roundup: