Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Almost Stolen Goods - a Pulp Alley game

Last night I got in a game of Pulp Alley with Nick. Nick's a seasoned RPGer, but his only exposure to wargames has been a bewildering game or two of Warhammer. Here's how it went down. (The lighting was pretty dire, so apologies for the quality of the photos).
Why invest vast amounts of time and energy digging up a priceless archaeological treasure when you can just steal one once someone else has done all the hard work? The famed golden chest of Cheops has been unearthed and sold to Sir Clifford Carne, a wealthy if unscrupulous private collector. Even now, Sir Clifford and his manservant Otto Cramb are lugging the chest to Sir Clifford's car, ready to whisk it to the airfield and then back home to his collection.

But other people have other ideas...

Sir Clifford, Cramb and the chest in the foreground.
The car awaits its cargo.
The would-be thieves move in: Dr Veruckthaar and his motley assortment of rats, robots and red-headed hunchbacks (me) from the right and through the market. And Jack Sampson's company of adventurers (Nick) at the far left.
Jack accosts Sir Clifford.
Veruckthaar's flunkies lurk.
Sir Clifford brushes off Jack's attentions and carries on towards the car.
Jack's sidekick, Ace Mason tries his luck at grabbing the chest, with just as much success as his boss.
Jack is momentarily detained by the hunch-back, but its a problem easily solved by a length of sharp steel.
Meanwhile, the rest of the gangs have been closing in on the car and the chauffeur.
The robot successfully grabs the chaffeur as Sir Clifford arrives.
Sir Clifford has no choice but to carry on on foot, scurrying past Dr Veruckthaar.
Jack is on the trail again, but the robot has other ideas.
So much for that! As Jack races onwards, the robot recovers, only to be accosted by the accursed black cat!
Jack confronts Veruckthaar as the treasure walks away.
But the robot rushes to Dr Veruckthaar's aid. It goes down but takes Jack with it!
The way is now open for Dr Veruckthaar to grab the treasure. Well, there is a lowly ally of Jack's.
But he would have to race through a storm of laser gun fire and pin Dr Veruckthaar in combat to prevent the Dr from grabbing the treasure.
Yes, yes he would... Meanwhile, the only real winners from this game...
A great game - it went down to the last roll. Nick said he thoroughly enjoyed the game and would be quite interested in another one. And I don't think he was just being polite!


  1. Hola:
    Me encanta, buen trabajo. Me recuerda a las casas que hacía yo en Navidad para mi Belén.
    Un saludo

    1. Gracias! Do you have a picture of your buildings? I would love to see them.

  2. What an adventure! Splendid streets and buildings and a great reprot!

    1. Thanks! Its nice to have a 'critical mass' of terrain. I'm building some sci fi stuff for Pulp Alley, but its very sparse by comparison at the moment. Looking forward to when I have enough to happily get it on the table.

  3. Just fantastic! I can see this being an old movie on TCM on a Saturday morning :)

  4. Excellent terrain! Where in Australia are you located?


  5. SUPERB. I envy your board, I'm too lazy to do personally a fine board like yours, but at least I paint well my miniatures ;)
    PS: I tried several time to join your blog with google friend connect, but all the time I try it gave me this reply (I've yet joined many other blogs, I've problems just with yours): "We're sorry... We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later." Maybe some other have the same problem?

    1. Thanks! I find the terrain does take time, but the effect is worth it. And these buildings are actually pretty quick. (Unable to delete your PS, sorry.)

  6. "Dr Veruckthaar and his motley assortment of rats, robots and red-headed hunchbacks (me) ..."
    Hm, so you are a red-headed hunchback preacher...?

    1. My wife does tell me I have bad posture, but it's not that bad! And these days, there's hardly enough hair to tell what colour it is!