Saturday, January 2, 2016

Space Marine Scout

First miniature for 2016. Actually, I just didn't quite get his last coat of varnish done last year! This guy sums up so much of the glorious silliness of 40k.
First there's the colours. A scout, a sniper at that, in bright yellow. I thought about painting this guy as part of the Dark Angels chapter - sober, sensible dark green. But everything I've been painting has been green lately: green soldiers, green cultists, green walls. I wanted this guy to stand out on the table (perfect for a sniper). So bright yellow it is!

It took a while for me to get going: yellow is not for the faint-hearted. However, I found a couple of useful painting tutorials: Dave Taylor's and this one. I started with a base coat of Vallejo Game Color Scrofulous Brown (well, more like eight base coats because  decided to undercoat in black. Once that was done, I painted most of the yellow areas with VGC Sun Yellow. Sepia wash in the recesses, then Sun Yellow plus white for the highlights.
The other gloriously silly thing is a strapping, fearsome, aspiring superhuman with a loveheart emblazoned on his DayGlo armour. I was casting around for a space marine chapter with an interesting back-story and an emblem easy enough to free-hand. Enter the Lamenters.
The Lamenters appear to be the pathetic sad-sacks of the space marines. Every major campaign takes them to the brink of extinction: pummeled by chaos, tyranids, loyalist marines, psychic cyclones. They are shunned by other marines - shady genetics, questionable alliances. Perfect for what I have in mind!

I'm happy with the way he turned out, especially the yellow. The rifle could have done with some bolder highlights: it ends up being a bit of a black blob in his middle. But, he's ready for action.


  1. Nice! I share your concerns about a sniper in yellow armour but hey, apart from that the work behind is formidable! :)
    One can say many things of the Lamenters, but for sure they know how to endure! :D

    1. Thanks. And yes, there are good things to go along with the silly!

  2. Great paint job, and a yellow sniper is perfect for 40k!
    The freehand Lamenters' emblem is fantastic.
    As you say, "ready for action"!

    1. Thanks, Major. I was playing a game with him today and he stands out like a beacon - moreso because most of my other figures at the moment are quite drab.