Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in review

So that's 2015. One hundred and one painted miniatures (plus scenery). Nineteen games. Sixty four blog posts. I started posting to the blog New Year's Day, and I'm happy I'm still at it.

Here's the painted stuff: smallest to largest amount.

One solitary warrior monk (Northstar).
Two Gripping Beast knights.
Vikings (Khurasan Miniatures).
Three figures, a hill and ocean views for Pulp Alley.
A stand of Napoleonic Austrians (AB).
A unit of byzantine kavallarioi (Old Glory).
Some FIW Provincials (Galloping Major).
Reds for the Russian Civil War (Peter Pig).
And a decent array of goodies for Pulp 40k!
And here's the pile of shame - purchased but not painted for the year. I'd really like this to be a lot smaller next year.
2015 was, like 2014, the year of Pulp Alley in terms of games played.
  • Pulp Alley - fourteen games
  • Red Actions - two
  • Force on Force - one
  • Lion Rampant - one
  • Muskets & Tomahawks - one
2016? I expect to see a lot more Pulp Alley - painting and playing. I think I'll have a couple of Pulp 40k campaigns on the go, and it's an easy game to pull out at the club as well. Besides that, I'll see what the kids end up wanting to play - they do tend to hop from one thing to another.

Happy new year to you all!


  1. Don't paint to fast! There may be isostatic rebound! And you will be to blame.

    1. I don't think fast is a word I've ever associated with my painting!

    2. I like the terrain for 40kPulpitations. I am working on some, a set of pre-fab buildings, waiting for some molding rubber, so I do not have to make dozens of the same window. Been having fun painting a Vikingork raiders band :) A bunch of orks searching for red ribbons and paint...make sure no one has red on them (or inside them).

    3. Sounds good! Looking forward to seeing the buildings and the orks.

  2. Hehe, cool to see all those results :)
    Happy new year!!

    1. Thanks Suber. Hope your start to the year is good.

  3. Looks great! I especially like the monk's base with the flowers: impressive. Also, did you free hand that Banner and the raven on the shield? Those look outstanding!

    1. Hi Andrew, thanks for the comments. Yes, the raven was freehand. The banner was a cheat: I printed the flag, but then painted over it. I reckon it gives a better consistency than if you just use the printed flag.