Saturday, January 23, 2016

Space Marine Statue

This statue debuted in the first game of our Pulp Alley 40k campaign. It is from Games Workshop's Honoured Imperium terrain set. I spent a while deciding how to paint it: grey stone, sand stone, marble effect (didn't think about that one for long to be honest - I'm not that brave!) Eventually I settled on a bronze scheme. This is a great tutorial.

First off, a heavy drybrush with Vallejo Game Color Tinny Tin. I have to say, where has this paint been all my life? I can see myself massively overusing this paint: it's a wonderfully dark, moody metallic colour.
Next, lighter drybrush with VGC Brassy Brass.
Now for the fun bit: the verdigris. Then a wash two parts Model Color Turquoise, one part VMC Flat Green, one part VMC Russian Green, lots of parts water. I didn't have nearly enough water, so the 'wash' ended up more like another coat of paint.
That meant I needed to go back and drybrush Tinny Tin and Brassy Brass.You can't really see a whole lot of the verdigris in this picture,but it is there!
Finally, I popped the statue on a plinth from BlueForge Terrain, with a few custom cracks added.
You can see the verdigris here! (You can also see blogger being a pain and refusing to centre my photograph...grrr)