Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 in review

Another year done: largely a good one for me on the hobby front. Definite highlight: running my first substantial campaign. The Sinastras IV campaign saw eleven games, with some truly memorable ones among them: last stands, 'dungeon' crawls, and ultimately a grand betrayal.
Another highlight was running Pulp Alley at the revived Briscon. I do enjoy showing off the game and the stuff that I work on.
Pulp Alley was, once again, the most played game for me. Twenty-six games, playing 1930s pulp, gothic sci fi, Cthulhu, superheroes and even Wars of the Roses!

There wasn't a lot else: four games of To the Strongest and two games of Force on Force.

Blogging was up and down this year: the motivation really lagged in the second half of the year. But an average of one post a week is fairly solid.

Painting: least to most.

A couple of Battlefront Germans.
A couple of Grumpy Indonesians (for To the Strongest).
Three Khurasan Vikings (To the Strongest again).
A trio of Pulp Figures - the Nazis are coming!
An array of bits for medieval horror.
I had grand ideas for this using Pulp Alley, but it never really got off the ground. Bought much more than I painted. However, I picked up many Mordheim sculpts that I have loved and wanted for a long time!

Perry Wars of the Roses.
And, once more, a solid array of sci fi bits.
Obviously driven by the needs of the campaign, but more and more, this is what I enjoy doing.

And the pile of shame: stuff purchased but not painted.
Definitely not one of the highlights of 2016. I bought into a couple of new projects (Wars of the Roses and Mordheim-ish stuff), plus the usual ooh-shiny syndrome, mainly for sci fi. If I can resist the lure of new projects next year, maybe I'll have a chance of painting more than I purchase.

What's in store for 2017? As always, we shall wait and see. Ideas at the moment:

  • It looks like we could be doing a Pulp Alley Wars of the Roses campaign at the club, so expect to see more of this.
  • A couple of mates are talking a 15mm Normandy campaign (thus the two Germans above).
  • The sci fi will definitely keep happening - so many miniatures to paint and ideas bubbling away!
  • I painted quite a bit of Russian Civil War in 2014, but it never really got traction. The main issue, I think, was rules. Tried Red Actions, which are good rules, but a bit slow-moving for what I'm looking for. But I picked up Osprey's The Men Who Would Be Kings, thinking it might be adaptable. A month later, I found someone else on the web who'd done exactly the same thing, so this might have some legs!
Well, if you've read that far, happy new year!


  1. Great stuff! It's always a treat to see you pop up on the reading list with a new post - once a week is amazing to me! Thanks for PA inspiration, a big goal of mine this year is definitely more PA since I now have the solo deck :)

    1. Thanks Ivor, that's a great encouragement to keep chugging away! Definitely looking forward to seeing your reports too: they always look top-notch!

  2. Seems like a pretty productive year to me...and I, for one, love your Pulp Alley batreps. Very inspiring! I shall look forward to following your blog through 2017!

    1. Cheers Gordon! I was happy with the productivity, just not so much with the excess purchases! Looking forward to seeing what comes down the pipe with your blog too!

  3. It was a fun year following your blog. I enjoyed all the batreps and the way you set the stage for each one.

    Looking forward to what's coming this year.

    1. Thanks Major! The enjoyment is definitely mutual!

  4. This place has been a pleasure to visit with very evocative work all around, here's to more of it !

    1. That's high praise indeed, coming from you! Thanks heaps!

  5. Thanks for some great report's over the last year Preacher I look forward to keeping up with what's happening in the new one.