Thursday, March 31, 2016

Communications Tower

I needed a communications tower for a scenario. I'd been trying to pick up the GW one on ebay for a while, but with no luck (possibly because I could never work out what they call it!) Anyway, I decided I'd better build my own.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take WIP shots. The box is a breath mints box, with a touchpad from Miniature Scenery. The aerial is an old pacer inner, topped with a flag pole top from an old kit. Various plastic and MDF oddments give some texture to the rest of the box.
I need to make this call, but I don't think I've got the right change.


  1. Great work, scratch built items can be tough to get the right look but yours is spot on! Well done!

    1. Thanks Ivor, I always struggle a bit with what doodads will look good, but I like being able to produce stuff myself rather than having to pay for it!