Thursday, March 24, 2016

Colony 87 Kickstarter 2

I'd completely forgotten to post about this, in case some of you missed it.

The superb Colony 87 is back, with another glorious half dozen sci fi civilian characters.
I think the adviser (the guy in green) is the pick of the bunch for me, whispering sycophantic morsels in Governor Karthur's ear. The two mechanic types will be useful in a lot of scenarios too. 

If you want them, you'll have to hurry: sixteen hours to go at the time of writing. The original Colony 87 set is available too, if you missed them the first time.


  1. Signed up for Sets 1 & 2 with 10 hours left.
    Just squeaked in.

    1. Nice! They are great figures. I've got the noblewoman from set one on the painting desk at the moment. They'll look fantastic in your social adventures!