Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mausoleum #2

I finally finished the second Mausoleum I've been working on.
Lovely detail on the kits, but I really struggle to churn out something that looks good. It feels like a different skill set is involved, or at least a very different application of the same skill set. Anyway, it's done and only four more to go (urgh!) Once again, this is for my slowly developing Pulp Alley meets Rogue Trader project. I almost have enough stuff together for a game. Just need to persuade the kids to give it a run.


  1. Hi Preacher,
    I found your blog about 2 weeks ago and finally got a chance to go through it last week. What great stuff! I can't believe I missed your kick starter. I'd saw off my sister's left arm for a set of those. Argh!...

    Great PA AAR, well done Russians, Mass Provincials, and Mausoleum.

    On a side note, I keep trying to Join and I keep getting a message to try back later. OTOH, I did add you to My Blog List.

    So glad I finally got here!

    1. Hi Major,
      So glad you like it. Your blog is definitely one of my favourites - love the imagination that goes into your battle reports. Always very happy when something comes into my feed. Toolenay Falls is one of the best AARs I've read.

      I think the guy who did the Kickstarter is planning on selling them retail down the track.

      Someone else had some trouble signing up to the blog a while ago. When he finally got on, this is what he said:

      "Strangely, every time I clicked the Google Friend Connect join button I got an error message saying I was unable to do so this time but to the right of the that button is a small double square icon so I clicked on that this morning and a pop-up appeared asking if I'd like to follow the blog. That worked fine."

      Maybe that will help?

  2. Just joined, that trick did it.