Saturday, May 23, 2015


I've begun rebasing some 15mm Vikings. I painted these for Saga and individually based them at the time. However, I find individually based figures a bit fiddly for 15mm, so I'm moving to element bases.
They won't be much use for Saga anymore, but they will work for Lion Rampant (really, it's the fantasy version that I'm most excited about - the upcoming Dragon Rampant). 'Lion' is not as picky about getting figures into combat - if the unit fights, the whole unit fights. I will need to use casualty markers, but it will only ever be two per unit and then you take off a stand. The other nice thing is that units drop in Combat ability once they're reduced to half strength - that translates neatly to losing one or two stands depending on the size of the unit.
I reckon that 15mm is the ideal scale for these kinds of games. Because the figures don't fight as individuals, its OK that they don't have the personality of 28mm figures. Besides, they're cheaper, quicker to paint, and don't takes as much room for a game (all important considerations for me).

The Vikings, by the way, are from Khurasan Miniatures.

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