Sunday, May 3, 2015

A revolutionary new project, comrades!

I started painting for a new project this year, and got the first game in today. Russian Civil War and the back of beyond.
Andrew and I had our first experimental game. We used cardboard pieces, so no in-game shots here. These are the guys I've painted so far, along with some untreated teddy bear fur purchased for the project.
The figures are 15mm, from Peter Pig's wonderful range for the period. 
 We used the Red Actions rules. They're free, although the authors encourage a donation if you like them. We found the rules really interesting. It's hard to kill anything. Units will more often be pushed back and break as a result of poor morale. The push-backs can really break up an assault.

We used just three infantry units, an MG unit and a field gun each and still had an interesting game. We voted them worth keeping!


  1. Thanks, they do paint up nicely.

  2. Very nice looking figures, and great pictures too. Nice blog as well, great selection of periods :-)

    1. Thank you, and thanks for following. It is a bit of a miscellany here. Keeps things interesting, but does make it tricky to get any one thing done to completion!