Sunday, May 17, 2015

Review: Columns by Blue Forge Terrain

I picked up some columns for my sci fi games. These are high density foam, produced by Blue Forge Terrain. The columns come six to a pack and I bought a pack of normal columns and a pack of ruined columns at $15 a set. You can see from the shots that they're substantial pieces. They come undercoated, which speeds up the painting process nicely.
Because they're foam, and they're tall, it's pretty easy to knock them over. To counteract this, I did a bit of modifying. I cut out a hole in the bottom and shoved in a hex nut. This gives the columns enough weight stay upright after a bit of a nudge.
I'm really happy with them. They have a few little bits of soft detail, but they're imposing pieces and good for the price. They come up nicely.
I just need to paint up a few more and I'll be ready to refight the lobby scene from the Matrix!

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