Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Portals - a Pulp Alley game

This scenario is entirely stolen from the inimitable Cheetor, so make sure you read his superlative version over here.

A strange portal has appeared near the small village of Al'Abead. Locals report talking goats and strange hallucinations.
Unusual phenomena attract unusual people. To wit, Jack Sampson and his adventurers, and the cultists of S.L.I.M.E. (the Secret League of Mayhem and Evil).
The leagues must complete a minor plot point before attempting to enter the portal. Once through, they must bring something back from the other side...

The cultists interview the goat.
And the marginally less coherent villager.
Jack approaches the portal (one of his league has already grabbed a minor plot point).


Stardate 9.6.23 601, Space Station Daebala IV. Another raid in the Radon Zombie - Robot Wars. This one is notable because of the presence of a distinctly non-scientific phenomena.
Both sides approach the strange apparition.

When suddenly, a bizarre creature is expelled from the thing.
It's not long before the warring space warriors carry their combat across dimensions.
Back in space, Jack Sampson has grabbed a strange technological trinket and is fighting his way back to the portal.
And he's back!
But, alas, the extra-terrestrials take a dim view of his unlicensed technological export business and blast him down.
This game was a load of fun! Kudos to Cheetor for his great scenario. The horde leagues struggled to get people through the portals, but got there eventually. Things got a bit chaotic once players had figures on both tables, but that's all part of the goodness!


  1. I love reading these, keep them up.

    1. Thanks Mike! We have lots of fun playing them, so it's nice to share the joy!

  2. Your terrain always look superb, adn this portal is most impressive, excellent!

    1. Thanks Phil, although I should have mentioned that the portals belong to another guy at our club. He has done a great job with them.

  3. Great report as usual
    When emerging from a portal, was there a random scatter, or did the figure just use its remaining movement?
    What is the source of the robots standing nearest the portal?

    1. Thanks! Random scatter once you were through the portal. And the robots (as well as the Radon Zombies) are from Pulp Figures.

  4. Haha, this is ace! I love the whole conception and how the story unfolded with the action :)

    1. Thanks! All credit to Cheetor for a great scenario.