Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Vogue One - a Pulp Alley Game

Disclaimer: the characters and events in this game are fictitious. Any resemblance to other fictitious characters or events is purely coincidental.

Rebel forces have discovered that the Empire has created a new weapon (codename NEW CODEX ) designed to crush all opposition. If they can locate a copy of NEW CODEX and send it back to base, their armies will be prepared for the Empire's onslaught.
A few plucky rebels have volunteered to infiltrate the Empire's data repository, locate the blueprint and send it back. They have commandeered a transport ship bringing in new uniform samples: the Vogue One.
The rebels disembark from Vogue One.
The Imperial troopers.
Objectives: access NEW CODEX either in print form, or via digital download.
Transmit NEW CODEX back to the rebel base.
The rebel mystic, a traditionalist fan of a paper CODEX, heads off to investigate.
The rebel lord is a cutting age digital man himself.
Imperial troopers scramble to intercept the intruders.
These troopers can shoot straight!
Not the ideal attack formation to deploy against a flamethrower!
Predictable results!
Rebel reinforcements.
Cue the sound of thunderous stomping and a metallic head appearing through the smoke of the fight.
The imperial walker stomps closer, but the rebel mystic scans the final pages and hits the send button.
A resounding victory for the rebels! A bit of an anti-climax really, as the walker would have made things very interesting. Maybe we should have reshot some of those scenes...


  1. It's fun to see Pulp Alley in all sorts of settings. Seem to work everywhere.

    1. Thanks Joakim! Yes, I love their versatility. We're trying out a medieval game tonight.

  2. Soon the galaxy will fell the power of the New Codex!
    Great report

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Andrew! The finish was a bit of a fizzer, but up until then it was good rollicking fun!