Thursday, February 4, 2016

To the Strongest - 10mm Fantasy

Master M and I had a go at To the Strongest. I'm much more of a fantasy gamer than ancients, so I dragged out my old 10mm stuff for the game. First game, so it was just the flat green cloth with no terrain and not a heap of units. Thus the lack of wide shots! Here are some of the orcs. They're GW's Warmaster figures. Sadly out of production: they are beautifully detailed figures.
They're based for Impetus - 80mm wide bases. I love the look of the bigger bases: these wolf riders really do look like skirmishing troops. Heavy infantry units look suitably dense too.
As for the rules, we thought they were a lot of fun. Grid-based, so there's no fiddle factor with movement. There's a 'push your luck' element to activating your troops, which I quite enjoy. Master M enjoyed it too when I had a dismal run of activations!

In fact he enjoyed it so much he demanded another game, which we're in the middle of at the moment. A more detailed report to come.


  1. those orcs look superb! Well played sir!

    1. Thanks! Looking at them now, I wish I'd done stronger highlights on the skin, but they do come up nicely.