Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pulp Alley League - Spies

My third Pulp Alley League is the 'Eyes of Cairo', a group of sinister spies.
All the men and monkeys are from Pulp Figures. I love the Peter Lorre figure. The dancer is a Mata Hari figure from Black Army Productions. They have some interesting and exotic figures. Sadly, their Phantom languishes in a drawer as he just too small to be compatible with other 28mm figures.

Their stat cards:


  1. These leagues of yours are just brilliant!

  2. Thanks, I do enjoy concocting them. I do really appreciate games like this where you're not locked in to just using the characters the game designers have made. This is the last one for the moment though, although I do have ideas for many more!

  3. Beautiful minis and great looking cards!