Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Polite Inquiries - a Pulp Alley Game

Sir Marcus Entwhistle rarely travels. An illustrious but aging archaeologist, he is happiest in his rooms in Oxford. So for him to be here in Egypt...what treasure could have lured him?

Whatever has lured him, he has lured villains intent on discovering what he is looking for. Early one morning, as he stands on his hotel balcony, they swoop.
Master M and I get in the occasional Pulp Alley game, but they have always tended to be one-offs. I thought we should have a go at a campaign. The plan is to play through each of the scenarios in the rule book - six in all. So here we have Smash and Grab - players are racing to grab the major plot point in the centre of the table and four minor ones scattered around the table. For our game, Sir Marcus is the central plot point.
Then there are the minor plot points: the locals he has spoken to. The hotel manager and the laundry man.
A pottery dealer in the bazaar.
And a stack of supplies that may contain clues to Sir Marcus' plans.
Master M ran the mad scientist's league, while I used the spies.

The mad scientist's minions move swiftly to the minor plot points.
The spies do the same at the other end of the street.
Hogard dashes ahead to the hotel.
Mr Blunt catches the attention of the rats.
It all clicked into place just about perfectly from here for me. Blunt grabbed the pottery dealer.
The dynamic duo cornered the hotel manager.
Then Olaf moved on and after a tussle with Stanley, grabbed the laundry man.
And Hogard moved in and grabbed Sir Marcus.
The only setback was Miss Margaretha's inability to open the crates.
Master M was planning to inflict some carnage on me, but the cards came out for me.
On the last turn, he tried to knock out a couple of my minor characters, but to no avail.
An uncharacteristically one-sided game: I won 6-0. Now I just have to persuade Master M that it probably won't be as lopsided next time!


  1. Another brilliant-looking Pulp Alley game!

    1. Thanks Gordon. I noticed you're toying with the idea of Pulp Alley - you should definitely give it a run! A different feel to IHMN, but very good!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I'm sure it would all fit onto one cozy corner of your table!

  3. Lovely Bet Rep. Wonderful job with a great rule set.