Sunday, April 26, 2015

Trash or treasure

Rumours of a priceless archaeological treasure. Wealth beyond imagining. A tomb robber trying to sell off the wonder he has unearthed in the desert. And so they come, drawn like insects to the light.

I introduced three new players to Pulp Alley at the club the other week. Between keeping the game moving and taking photos, I lost some of the details of what was going on. So here's a quick summary of the game.

Each player had to discover the identity of the tomb robber before they could question him about the treasure's whereabouts (in game terms, they had to complete a minor plot point before proceeding to the major one).

The adventurers entered from the bottom right corner, the mad scientist from the top right, and the spies from the top left.
The scientist hones in on the man in the pith helmet (minor plot point).
The spies dig for clues in the jars (minor plot point).
The master spy, intent on finding clues, doesn't notice something sneaking up behind him.
The characters confront the tomb robber (turban and grey robe).
The animals take a dislike to each other (the spies' monkey, the scientist's rat, the adventurers' dog).
The tomb robber, accosted on all sides... up the secret of the treasure. 'It's behind the clothing stall. I don't know how you didn't see it before!'
The adventurers are the first to swoop and grab the treasure.