Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Byzantine Kavallarioi

Phew, these guys have been on the painting table for ages. Byzantine kavallarioi for a later Comnenan army for Impetus.
They're Old Glory 15mm figures and, all in all, they were a bit of a pain. The pack contains too many half armoured horses for the era, so about half of it will probably go to waste. Then the riders were a pretty poor fit for the horses. However, they have come up nicely!
I'm especially chuffed with the banner, which was by far the most fun part of the painting process. I printed out an icon from the net, then painted over the design - I find that printed flags look inconsistent and a little out of place.
This is just my third unit for the army, but I have to confess that after this one, I'm not in a super hurry to do another. More's the pity, as one of my opponents has a lovely crusader army just crying out to be taken apart by the wily Byzantines!
I've now painted stuff for eight different projects this year, but I haven't painted more than seven figures for any one of those projects! Time to focus, I think. But on what?

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