Monday, January 5, 2015

Star Wars episode 5.5

A Pulp Alley game I played a little while ago in a galaxy not so far away...

Boba Fett flies over Tatooine, intent on delivering Han Solo's carbon-frozen body to Jabba the Hutt. En route to Jabba's palace, the Slave 1 develops carburetor problems and Boba is forced to put down. He continues towards Jabba's palace on foot. Along the way, he picks up an escort of Sandtroopers.

Unfortunately, most of the Sandtroopers' armour is at the cleaners. They cobble together a range of other, less aridly inclined armour and sally forth.

Even more unfortunately, they are spotted by a ship searching for the frozen body of Han Solo. Soon, their delivery mission becomes a little trickier.

Boba Fett must get Solo to the opposite corner of the table
Another roadblock for a tradesman just trying to do an honest day's work
Chewie and Lando proceeded to blast troopers (Sand, Storm and Snow) as they advanced.  

Luke decided to wade in before the others bagged all the easy ones.

No surprises about the outcome there!
With most of the peons out of the way, the first real gunfight breaks out. Crafty intergalactic bounty hunter versus large mound of shagpile carpet. 
That went well.
While Luke continues to carve and slice, one of the troopers makes a break for it, popsicle in tow.

Only to be chased down by the Wookie!
Who will triumph in this titanic struggle...
Yes, well, I tried to add some tension and uncertainty.
However, one bounty hunter remains on the table, wounded but unbowed. If he can break from the clutches of the Jedi, he can still grab his frozen treat and, with it, victory.
Sigh. At least it's better than being gummed by a Sarlacc.