Friday, November 6, 2015

Cadian Infantry

Phew, it's been a while. My motivation often tends to flag a little at this time of year. I end up doing more purchasing and less painting. Not good when I'm trying to churn out stuff for a campaign next year.

Anyway, here's something I have done. A half dozen of cannon fodder Cadia's finest. It's a pretty bog standard paint job on some bog standard figures - Astra Mundanium - not a lot to get excited about really.

About the only thing worth noting is the freehand numbering. Lots of straight lines make this an easy regimental number to paint. Paint the three long vertical lines first, then the others.
Oh, and some Rogue Trader spelling.


  1. Haha, poor Guardsmen never get all the love they deserve! Glad to see you made sme justice to them. The painjob is nice and functional, just what the minis are asking for. I totally sympathize with that 'more purchasing that painting' syndrome :D

    1. Thanks Suber! Sorry for the slow reply - away on holidays. It's hard to lavish too much love on someone who you know is going to die so quickly - you don't want to get too attached!