Friday, October 9, 2015

Hunting the Treasure Hunters - a Pulp Alley Game

Someone is onto something very valuable. A group of European speculators have descended on the small town of Outer Fociz. A sailor who has jumped ship, an aviatrix, a butterfly collector, a black marketeer, and an archaeologist. One of them must be hunting for something worth having. The question is, who?
The boys and I played this one with Nick (a different Nick from last time), a mate who's a keen boardgamer who hasn't played much in the way of wargames. The scenario is the Soerbaja Manhunt from Perilous Island - one of the European speculators will be the major plot point, but each league must complete a minor plot point before they can find the major one.

I took the spies.
Nick led the tramp steamer crew.
Master M used Dr Veruckthaar.
Master S ran Jack Sampson's adventurers (minus the dog, plus an Arab).
I had a bad day with the camera, so some of the photos are a bit dodgy.

The town of Outer Fociz.
The market place.
Nick's tramp steamer crew fruitlessly trying to pry information from the aviatrix.
Jack's adventurers grab the butterfly collector, but he's not the speculator we're looking for.
The sailor proved to be a tough customer!
Jack's followers rush through the market to try and question the aviatrix. But his arab follower is coat-hangared by a pair of pink bloomers (peril for rushing through the market)!
So is Miss James!
Finally, Erich manages to negotiate the bloomers of doom.
Mr Blunt makes for the black marketeer.
He grabs him, but getting away again isn't going to be easy.
His plan to drop through the window goes slightly awry when the black marketeer descends on him from a great height (Blunt failed the peril for climbing down the wall.)
Meanwhile Jack does a runner with the butterfly collector, but what is that ominous shadow?
Nothing to worry about really!
But Jack's not safe yet. Foes from all sides rush in.
Amidst a flurry of fists and a rain of raygun fire, Jack goes down.
Dr Veruckthaar grabs the butterfly collector, and forces a confession from him. "It's me. I'm here to catch the Upper Ikhwan Mauve Emperor. A priceless specimen!"
Victory for Veruckthaar!


  1. And another superb table and game! Inspirational stuff!

  2. This market place is splendid! Great report...

    1. Thanks Phil. I do need to get around to building some other terrain, though. This is in pretty much every game I play!

  3. Nice to see you enjoyed a funny game with some real players. Usually I only play solo games :(

    1. That's a bit sad, solo gaming never compares to having some real life opponents.

  4. That town is lovely did you build it yourself?

    1. Thanks Conrad. Yes, I built it. It's all cork tile with a thin coat of wood filler for texture. I found that simple buildings like this become quite addictive!

  5. Nice!
    It is a good scenario and it seem to have played out well

    1. Yes, it is a good scenario - never knowing which plot point will be the big one!

  6. Really great narrative! Very nice terrain too. Sounds like an absolute blast. My son's and I have played a couple of games of Pulp Alley. I really enjoy the games.

    1. Thank you. It's definitely a great game for kids: not too many rules, and the focus on heroic adventure really appeals to them.