Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sci Fi Walls Test Paint

Just a really quick post. I've done a test paint with four different possible colour schemes for my walls. If you look carefully, you can see there are three different variations in the green segment (left, right and bottom left).
Which colour takes your fancy?


  1. Teh sand one looks too cheerful to me, for some reason I tend to like my sci-fi a little darker (not too grim dark but a little dark still)
    the blue is a good compromise I think as it's quite neutral and looks a bit more futuristic (in a retro kind of way) than the sand.
    The green one is the one I'd go with for a real darl ambiance with mixes of the three shades to break the monotony between buildings while retaining some coherence

    If you want a simpler answer, it'd be a tie between blue and dark green.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts gents. I had begun leaning towards green, but over on LAF I noticed Matakishi has a very similar project and he's done his all grey. It looks better than I expected it would. So I'm thinking about that too now.

  3. I reckon all three. I like the idea of all three colours together on each panel.

    1. They're well under way in green at the moment. Pictures when I get enough done to show off!