Monday, March 9, 2015


Miss Rita Farnsworth is in town. The darling of the stage, Riotous Rita. Her arrival in town has attracted all sorts of admirers. But some have come to do more than look. The cultists of SLIME and the zeppelin troopers are intent on abducting Rita for their own nefarious purposes. Who could possibly stand in their way?
Uncharitable critics have accused Rita of cardboard acting, but what would they know?
Another Pulp Alley game. Rita Farnsworth is the sole objective in the game. Grab her as she drives through town, and get away with her.
The prospective kidnappers arrive. 

The zeppelin troopers fly into position to cover the route of the car.
Wait a moment, who's this? A hero on hand to save the day?
Each turn, a random member of Jack Sampson's league of adventurers
would emerge from a random building and try to rescue Rita.
Rita's driver managed to avoid a storm of gunfire for most of the first two turns. 
A zeppelin trooper attempted to fly into the car, but missed.
It's beginning to look a lot like Sarejevo...
More shooters than a bar on Saturday night. 
Rita Farnsworth: two dimensional performances? No way!
Jack fights off a cultist as he's joined by his companion, Miss James. 
The driver finally goes down and the car spins to a halt.
Jack is the first to try and grab Rita.
But not the last! The game turned into a tense scrum around the car, characters going down, recovering, going down again. And always, Rita remained elusive. 

It came down to the last turn. Once again, no one by the car could grab Rita.
However, the hero's sidekick was set to emerge from an unknown building. Would he be close enough to race in and grab Rita at the last possible moment?
Hmm, that's him right over there in the distance, looking manly but clueless. You can just see him if you squint. Pity he couldn't drag himself away from the bar any sooner. No heroics today.

Once again, a nailbiter that went down to the last turn. As no one was able to grab Rita, she slipped away in the last moments of the fight. Can the gangs track her down as she tries to make her way to safety?


  1. I think we have to ask a few questions about the contents on Rita's handbag.

    After repelling around 5 attempts to capture her, I think she was packing something. My guess? Lead pipe, filled with lead shot, painted with lead paint.

    Otherwise a doping test might be in order... :)

    It was a good game.

  2. She was a more formidable opponent than some of the characters, that's for sure!

  3. Cool game, I love the cardboard cut-outs.

  4. Thanks! They we're better than pretending someone was in the car.

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    6. The bizarre vagaries of blogger. But welcome aboard!

  6. Great looking game, splendid and very atmospheric!