Saturday, February 21, 2015


Hogard is the man who knows. The master spy with a finger in every pie. So when he emerges from the shadows, everyone wants to have a word. And here he is, skulking on the outskirts of the market, waiting for someone. Just perhaps not these particular people...
Rhys, Andrew and I got in a game at the club. Mad scientist vs zeppelin troopers vs adventurers. The objective - grab the master spy. However, before we could do that, we had to verify his identity  by quizzing one of his lackies (minor plot points).

Hogard, in situ, in fez.
The early parts of the game saw us all grabbing the lackies.

Some proved harder to get than others.
The teams advance on Hogard.
The zeppelin troopers are unnervingly quick. They can all fly thanks to their jetpacks.
Ace Mason, the adventurers' sidekick, makes a dash for Hogard and successfully grabs him.
Mason falls back to the protection of his fellow adventurers.
However, the dastardly captain of the zeppelin troops drops him.
Jack Sampson, the leader of the adventurers, runs and grabs Hogard.
Now everyone wants a piece of Jack.

The finish was a nailbiter - multiple attacks. However, Jack just managed to hang on until the end. A win for the adventurers!

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